((Ooc: PSA here for anyone that ever has or will order anything from China. Which is a lot of people.

Do not use Hong Kong Post.

I ordered a new motherboard for my laptop, an Asus G74SX, and it arrived today after weeks of waiting only for the box to look as if someone had stomped in it.
Inside the box we found an unusable and severely damaged motherboard.

Luckily I sent these pictures to the supplier and they agreed to send me a replacement and apologized for the inconvenience (they will be using a different shipping method, of course) and urged me to also complain to Hong Kong Post.

I have yet to receive a response but I asked for a refund on the shipping.

So yeah, if you’re ordering something from China I don’t recommend using HKP for anything, especially something fragile or electronics related. Because the employees will tap dance all over your packages and that is not okay.

Just wanted to share in hopes that maybe someone else won’t make the same mistake.))